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Norske Vandrerhjem


Norske Vandrerhjem/HI Norway offers cheap accommodation at 77 hostels across the country.
Each hostel is unique, but common for all hostels are a social, informal and safe atmosphere. Our
hostels offer choices that guests normally do not have at hotels and other accommodation
establishments. At HI hostels you will find facilities that encourage activities and interactions
between guests. These facilities may include common rooms, guest kitchens, lounges, game
rooms, play grounds and so on. Some hostels have also great outdoor facilities or they are located
in areas that are known for great skiing, hiking, fishing etc.

Our guests can choose to rent a bed for the night and sharing a room with other people, or rent a
private room for 1 – 6 persons. We offer as well a family room for 2 adults and 2 children under
the age of 16 years. Guests may bring their own bed linen or rent bed linen at the hostels. Please
note that some hostels include bed linen in the price. Sleeping bags are not permitted because of
hygienic reasons. You can also either choose to make your own food at our guest kitchen or go
out to eat at a local restaurant or cafe.

Norske Vandrerhjem is popular for people in all ages. At our hostels you meet people from the
entire world and you have the chance to make new friendships. Norske Vandrerhjem is a
member of Hostelling International, an international network with more than 4 000 hostels in 90

Members of Hostelling International are entitled to 10% discount on the overnight price when
staying at HI hostels in Norway. Abroad the discount varies from country to country. Norske
Vandrerhjem recommends buying the membership card from your national association before
you travel. If you do not have a membership when you arrive in Norway, you can buy
international membership cards at HI hostels in Norway.



Norske Vandrerhjem

Norske Vandrerhjem

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